Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief

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AAR (Association for Aid and Relief), Japan Japan
Abdullah Aid United Kingdom
Abs Development Organizations for Women and Child Yemen
Acción contra el Hambre | ACF-Spain Spain
Aachener Netzwerk für humanitäre Hilfe und interkulturelle Friedensarbeit e.V Germany
ACORD – London United Kingdom
Act Church of Sweden Sweden
ACT for Peace Australia
ACT Netherlands – Dutch Interchurch Aid Netherlands
ACTED (Agence d’aide à la Coopération Technique et au Développement France
Action Against Hunger Canada
Action Against Hunger United Kingdom
Action Against Hunger United States of America
Action by Churches Together International Switzerland
ACTIONAID United Kingdom
Action for Humanity United Kingdom
ADESO – African Development Solutions Kenya
ADI South Korea
ADRA Australian ( Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Australia
ADRA Bangladesh (Adentist Development and Relief Agency) Bangladesh
ADRA Cambodia Cambodia
ADRA Canada Canada
ADRA Czech Republic Czech Republic
ADRA Danmark (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Denmark
ADRA El Salvador (Adventist Development and Relief Agency ) El Salvador
ADRA Fiji (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Fiji
ADRA France (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) France
ADRA Germany (Adventische Entwicklungs und Katastrophenhilfe) Germany
ADRA Honduras Honduras
ADRA Hungary (ADRA Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Hungary
ADRA India (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) India
ADRA Indonesia Indonesia
ADRA International (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) United States of America
ADRA Japan (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Japan
ADRA Korea South Korea
ADRA Lao (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Lao PDR
ADRA Lesotho Lesotho
ADRA Malawi Malawi
ADRA Mauritania (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Mauritania
ADRA Mongolia ( Adventist Development and Relief Agency – Mongolia) Mongolia
ADRA Mozambique (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Mozambique
ADRA Myanmar (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Myanmar
ADRA Nepal (Adventist Develipment and Relief Agency) Nepal
ADRA New Zealand ( Adventist Development and Relief Agency) New Zealand
ADRA Norway (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Norway
ADRA Paqua New Guinea (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Papua New Guinea
ADRA Philippines (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Philippines
ADRA Russia (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Russian Federation
ADRA Samoa (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Samoa
ADRA Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
ADRA Somalia (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Kenya
ADRA South Africa (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) South Africa
ADRA South Sudan (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) South Sudan
ADRA Spain (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Spain
ADRA Sri Lanka (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Sri Lanka
ADRA Sweden Sweden
ADRA Thailand (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Thailand
ADRA Timor-Leste Timor-Leste ;
ADRA Trans Europe (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) United Kingdom
ADRA Uganda Uganda
ADRA Uruguay Uruguay
ADRA UK (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) United Kingdom
ADRA in Vietnam Vietnam
Adventist Development & Relief Association Pakistan
Advocates Abroad Greece
AFAP ( Australian Foundation for the People) Australia
Afghanaid United Kingdom
African Initiatives for Relief and Development Tanzania
African Relief Fund United Kingdom
Afro-Canadian Evangelical Mission Canada
Age International’s United Kingdom
AGE UK United Kingdom
AGP Group (grupo de Animacion y gestion de Proyectos) Spain
Agricultural Development Association (PARC) Palestine
Ai.Bi. (Associazione Amici Dei Bambini Italy
Aid 4 Ummah United Kingdom
AIFO (Associazione Italiana Amici di Raoul Follereau) Italy
Air Serv International United States of America
Aktion gegen den Hunger Germany
Al Imdaad Foundation South Africa
Al Imdaad Foundation ( Australia) Australia
Al Imdaad Foundation (Bangladesh) Bangladesh
Al Imdaad Foundation (Indonesia) Indonesia
Al Imdaad Foundation (Jordan) Jordan
Al Imdaad Foundation (Kenya) Kenya
Al Imdaad Foundation (United Kingdom) United Kingdom
Alianzapor la solidaridad Spain
Alima – The Alliance for International Medical Action France
Al-Khair Foundation United Kingdom ;
Al-Mehran Rural Development Organization-AMRDO Pakistan
Al-Mustafa Trust International United Kingdom
All We Can United Kingdom
AMAR International Charitable Foundation United Kingdom
AMAS (African Medical Association in Scandinavia) Sweden
Ambiha Charitable Trust India
American Refugee Committee United States of America
Americares Foundation, Inc United States of America
AMREF (The African Medical and Research Foundation) Kenya
AMURT Austria Austria
AMURT Japan Japan
AMURT Switzerland Switzerland
Amwin Al-Muayyad Windan Indonesia
Animal Evac New Zealand New Zealand
Anthrologica United Kingdom
Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V.
(Pharmaciens sans Frontieres Allemagne)
Germany ( München)
Arab Renaissance of Democracy and Development (ARDD) Legal Aid Jordan
Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Österreichs / Samaritan Austria Austria
Arbeitter -Samariter-Bund Deutschkand Germany
Arche Nova Germany
ARCORES International Solidarity Network Italy
ARCS-ARCI Cultura e Sviluppo Italy
Arid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF) Kenya
Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP) Spain
ASEM (Association for the Children of Mozambique) Switzerland
ASF-Dansk Folkehjaelp Denmark
ASHA (Action for Social and Human Acme) India
ADI(Asian Dignity Initiative) South Korea
ASIA (Association for International Solidarity in Asia) Italy
ASIA FOCUS South Korea
Asia Sensai-Koji Kyusai Centre Japan
Asia pacific Alliance For Disaster Management Korea South Korea
Asmae-Association Soeur Emmanuelle France
Asociación Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda – Perú Peru
AUSTCARE (Australian’s Caring for Refugee) Australia
Australian Aid International Australia
Aviation sans Frontières Belgique a.s.b.l. Belgium
AVSI Fondazione Italy
AWO International e.V. Germany
BAFUK Sweden
Bangladesh Red Crescent Society Bangladesh
Bani Adam Inc aka Children of Adam United States of America
Baptista Szeretetszolgálat Alapítvány (Aid24 Hungarian Baptist Aid) Hungary
Barnfonden Sweden
Basic Human Rights United Kingdom
Because International USA
Being Humanitarian United Kingdom
Bethany Christian Services Global United States of America
Better World South Korea
BHN Association Japan
Bibliothèques Sans Frontières France
Blesses United Kingdom
BRAC International Netherlands
CADUS – Redefine Global Solidarity e.V Germany
Bridge Asia Japan Japan
Build Change USA
Building Foundation for Development Yemen
CAEB (Conseil des Activités Educatives du Bénin) Benin
CAFOD United Kingdom
CAMP ( Community Appraisal & Motivation Programme) Pakistan
Campaign for the Children of Palestine Japan
Canadian Feed the Children Canada
Candle of Hope Foundation Kenya
Cap Anamur / Deutsche Not-Ärzte e.V. Germany
CARE – Australia Australia
CARE – Deutchland e.v. Germany
Care International Belgium
Care International Japan Japan
CARE Nederland Netherlands
CARITAS – Djibouti Djibouti
CARITAS – Netherlands, Cordaid Netherlands
CARITAS – Pakistan Pakistan
CARITAS – Somalia Djibouti
CARITAS Internationalis Italy
CARITAS NIGERIA (Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria) Nigeria
CARITAS-Belgium Belgium
Catholic Relief Services United States of America
CBM (Christian Blind Mission) Germany
CCM (Comitato Collaborazione Medica) Italy
CCS Italia Onlus Italy
Centre de Support en Santé Internationale Chad
CECI (Centre d’etude et de coopération internationale) Canada
Center for Education and Development Somalia
Centre Missionnaire OBLAT Canada
CESVI – Cooperazione e Sviluppo Italy
Childaid Network Germany
ChildFund Australia Australia
ChildFund Deutschland Germany
ChildFund International United States of America
ChildFund Ireland Ireland
ChildFund Japan Japan
ChildFund Korea South Korea
Childhealth Advocacy International United Kingdom
Children in Crisis United Kingdom
Children of Adam United Kingdom
Children of Persia, Inc. United States of America
Children on the Edge United Kingdom
Children’s Aid Direct United Kingdom
Christian Aid United Kingdom
Christian Aid Ireland Ireland
Christian Care Zimbabwe
Christian Children’s Fund of Canada Canada
Christian Relief Network Norway
Church World Service United States of America
CISP – (Comitato Internazionale per lo sviluppo dei Popoli) Italy
Clown Science Dreams Spain
Coerr (Catholic Office for Emergency Relief&Refugees) Thailand
Commission Africaine des Promoteurs de la Santé et des Droits de l’Homme Switzerland
Commission Internationale Catholique pour les Migrations Switzerland
Community and Family Services International (CFSI) Philippines
Community Appraisal & Motivation Programme ( CAMP) Pakistan
Community Awareness and Village Improvement India
Community Development Social Affairs and Charity Organization (CDSACO) Afghanistan
Community Humanitarian Emergency Board International Cameroon
Community Media FMYY Japan
Concern Universal United Kingdom
Concern Worldwide Ireland
Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies Sri Lanka
Containers of Hope United Kingdom
Convoy of Hope vzw Belgium
Cooperation and Participation In Overseas NGOs South Korea
Cooperazione Italiana Nord Sud (CINS) Italy
COOPI (Cooperazione Internazionale) Italy
COPION (Cooperation and Participation In Overseas NGOs) South Korea
CORD (Christian Outreach Relief and Development) United Kingdom
Cordillera Assistance, Rehabilitation and Development Organisation, Inc Philippines
COSV (Comitato di Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni per il Servizio Volontario) Italy
CRISIS AID United Kingdom
Crown Agents United Kingdom
Cure International USA
Dahlia Stichting-Development and Humanitarian Learning in Action The Netherlands
Dan Church Aid Denmark
Danish Refugee Council Denmark
DÄZ (Deutsche Ärztegemeinschaft für humanitäre Zusammenarbeit e.V. Germany
DEMIRA, e.V. Gernan Deminers Germany
Deutsche Lebra-und Tuberkulosehilfe e.V. DAHW Germany
Deutsche Welthungerhilfe Germany
Deutsches Medikamenten-Hilfswerk action medeor e.V. Germany
Deutshe Stiftung Weltbevölkerung Germany
Development and Services Anti Trafficking Training (DASATT) Ireland
Development Workshop France France
Dhan ( Development of Human Action) Foundation India
Diaconia Iinternationale Hilfe Switzerland
Diakonia Sweden
Diakonie ACT Austria Austria
Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Germany
Diecézní charita Brno Czech Republic
DIFÄM Germany
Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Lebanon Lebanon
Disastersearch Ltd New Zealand
Disatser Waste Recovery United Kingdom
Doctors Worldwide United Kingdom
Dominica Christian Council Dominica
Don Bosco Mondo e.V. Germany
Dorcas Aid International Netherlands
Dråpen i Havet Norway
Echo Worldwide United States of America
Ecopeace Asia South Korea
Ecumenical Commission for Human Development Pakistan
Edge Effect Australia
Edinburgh Direct Aid United Kingdom
Education for All United Kingdom
Ehsaas Foundation USA
Ehsaas Trust United Kingdom
Emergency Architecture & Human Rights Denmark
Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) United Kingdom
Emmanuel Hospital Association India
Emmanuel International Canada
Enfants du Monde – Droits de l’Homme France
Enfants Réfugiés du Monde France
Engineering Association for Development & Environment-EADE Iraq
Entreculturas-Fe y Alegria Spain
Erikshsalpen Sweden
Ethnovision Serbia
European Mental Health Trust United Kingdom
European Perspective Greece
Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR) India
Explorers Sans Frontières (ESF) USA
FAIRMED Switzerland
Fair Travel international South Korea
Family AIDS Caring Trust Zimbabwe
Family Rehabilitation Centre Sri Lanka
Family to Family Canada
FARM Africa London
Feed the Children United Kingdom
Fida International Finland
Field Ready – humanitarian supplies made-in-the-field USA
Finn Church Aid Finland
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission Finland
Finnish Refugee Council Finland
Fire House Bangladesh Bangladesh
Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates United States of America
Focus Humanitarian Assistance United Kingdom
Focus Humanitarian Assistance United Kingdom
Fondation Mérieux France
Fondazione L’Albero della Vita Italy
Food for the Hungry International Switzerland
Foundation AMI – International Medical Assistance Portugal
Foundation Amurt Switzerland
Foundation for International Development/Relief (FIDR) Japan
Foundation for the Refugee Education Trust Switzerland
Foundation Pygmeen Kleinood The Netherlands
Frontline Japan
Fundación ALBOAN Spain
Fundación Educación y Cooperación (Educo) Spain
Fundación Evangélica “El Buen Pastor” Argentina
Fundación Mundubat Spain
Fundación Promoción Social de la Cultura Spain
Fundación SAMU Spain
GCP Foundation United Kingdom
GRET France
G.R.T. Gruppo per le relazioni transculturali Italy www.grtitalia.ors
G.V.C. (Gruppo di Volontariato Civile) Italy
Gender & Reproductive Health Organization Pakistan
Generation Canada
Geordie Aid United Kingdom
German Doctors e.V. Germany
Germand Red Cross – Pakistan Delegation Pakistan
German Toilet Organization e.V. Germany
Global Care South Korea
Global Civic Sharing South Korea
Geutanyoe Foundation Indonesia
Global Communities USA
Global Hope Network France
Global Human Development Foundation United Kingdom
Global Medic Force Belgium
Global One 2015 United Kingdom
Global Relief Agape in Solidarity South Korea
GOAL Ireland
Good Helpers South Korea
Good Neighbors International South Korea
Grameen Foundation Australia Australia
Greek Committee for International Democratic Solidarity Greece
Groupe d’Associations de Défense de Droits de l’homme et de la Paix ( GADHOP) Democratic Republic of Congo
Grupo Pela Vidda Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Habitat for Humanity Fiji Fiji
Habitat for Humanity Inc ® Guyana Guyana
Habitat for Humanity International United States of America
Habitat for Humanity Korea South Korea
Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
Habitat for Hunanity Japan Japan
HADA (Horn of Africa Development Association) United Kingdom
Hammer Forum e.V. “Humanitarian medical aid for children in regions of cirsis and war zones” Germany
Handicap International France
Hand in Hand for Aid and Development UK
Handicap International Belgium Belgium
Havat Public Organisation of Mothers of hard hearing children Armenia
Hayat Yolu Organization Turkey
Health Unlimited United Kingdom
Health Works | HealthNet TPO Netherlands
Healthy Lanka Sri Lanka
Heart to Heart International USA
Heevie Health NGO Iraq, Kurdistan Region
HEKS (Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen der Schweiz) / EPER (Entraide Protestante Suisse) Switzerland
Helen Keller International USA,
Helen Keller International Europe France
Hellenic Rescue Team Greece
HELP – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. Germany
Help a Child Netherlands
HELP Sri Lanka Incorporated Australia
Help The Needy Charitable Trust United Kingdom
HelpAge Deutschland e.V. Germany
Helpage International United Kingdom
Helping Hand for Relief and development USA
Helping Hands For The Needy United Kingdom
Helping hands Worlwide United Kingtom
HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Switzerland
HIAS United States of America
HIAS Europe Belgium
HIHFAD United Kingdom
Hindustani Covenant Church India www,
HIVOS (Humanistic Institute for co-operation with developing countries) The Netherlands
Hoffnungszeichen | Sign of Hope e.V Germany
Homeless International United Kingdom
Hope and Aid Direct United Kingdom
Hope and Homes for Children United Kingdom
Hope and Rural Aid Foundation Nigeria
Hope for Albania Netherlands
Hope for the Horn Ethiopia
Hope is Education South Korea
HOPE Foundation India
HOPE International Development Agency Canada
HOPE International Development Agency New Zealand New Zealand
Hope.Organization.For.Limbs.Amputee Yemen
Hope Revival Organization Turkey
HOPE Worldwide – Indonesia Indonesia
Hope Worldwide-Pakistan Pakistan
Hope’87 Austria
Human Aid United Kingdom United Kingdom
Human Appeal International United Kingdom
Human Care Syria United Kingdom
Human Concern International Canada
Human Development Forum Foundation Thailand
Human Health Aid Burundi Burundi
Human Relief Foundation United Kingdom
Human Relief – Menschen Hilfswerk Austria
Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities – Bangladesh-Dhaka Chapter Bangladesh
Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities – Bangladesh-Khulna Chapter Bangladesh
Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities – Headquarters United States of America
Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities – Switzerland Chapter Switzerland
Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities – UK Chapter United Kingdom
Humanic Relief Austria,
Humanic Relief Austria
Humanitarian action for Relief and development Organization Kenya
Humanitarian Benchmark Consulting Australia
Humanitarian Care Malaysia Berhad Malaysia
Humanité internationale (hi) Côte d’Ivoire
Human Plus e. V. Germany
Humedica e.V. Germany
Hunanitarain Medical Assistance (HuMA) Japan
Hungarian Interchurch Aid Hungaria
Hungarian Reformed Church Aid× Hungaria
I serve United Kingdom
I&I Art of Living Foundation Canada
IACD (Institute of Asian Culture & Development) Republic of Korea
IAYG Ghana
ICA – Zagreb (Institute of Cultural Affairs International) Croatia
ICCO & KerkinActie The Netherlands
ICR (International Care and Relief) United Kingdom &
ICRAA (International Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan) United Kingdom
ICRC – International Committee of the Red Cross Switzerland
ICS – Italian Consortium of Solidarity Italy
ICVA-International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA Secretariat) Switzerland
IDRF – International Development and Relief Foundation Canada
IEC (International Extension College) United Kingdom
IFRC – International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Switzerland
ILC Africa Ghana
Impact Health Organization (IHO) South Sudan
IMPACT Initiatives Switzerland
IMPACT MISSION RELIEF United States of America ;
INARA (International Network for Aid, Relief, and Assistance) United States of America
Independent Doctors Association Turkey
Institut Bioforce France
Integra Foundation Slovakia
Intermón Oxfam Spain
International Aid Sweden Sweden
International Aid Trust United Kingdom
International Amateur Radio Volunteers (IARV) Japan
International Assistance Mission – IAM Headquarters Afghanistan
International Association for Human Values India
International Association for Relief and Development (ONSUR) Turkey


International Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan (ICRAA) United Kingdom
International Cooperation Action for Humanitarian Assistance and Development Chad
International Cooperation NGO IV-JAPAN Japan
International Emergency and Development Aid(IEDA RELIEF) Inc United States of America
International Federation of Disastrous Reporters (IFDR) Somalia
International Health Partners UK United Kingdom
International Islamic Relief Organization Saudi Arabia
International Islamic Youth league Gambia
International Learning Centers Israel
International Medical Corps United States of America www.iiyl:org
International Medical Corps (UK) United Kingdom
International Medical Corps Croatia Croatia
International Mine Initiative (IMI) Greece
International NGO Safety Organisation United Kingdom
International Operation Charity in Korea South Korea
International Orthodox Christian Charities United States of America
International Peace Assistance Center (IPAC) Japan
International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) United Kingdom
International Rescue Committee United States of America
International Save the Children Alliance United Kingdom
International Supporting Woman Association (ISWA)
International Water Well Aid Association Turkey
Internews Europe France
IOM Kenya
ISCOS – Istituto Sindacale per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo Italy
Islamic Aid United Kingdom
Islamic Foundation of Toronto Canada
Islamic Help United Kingdom
Islamic Help Australia Australia
Islamic Relief Australia Australia
Islamic Relief Deutschland Deutschland
Islamic Relief Sweden Sweden
Islamic Relief USA United States of America
Islamic Relief Worldwide United Kingdom
Islamic Welfare Association Lebanon
IVY Japan
JACANA United States of America
Joint Aid Management (JAM) International South Africa
Japan Agency for Development & Emergency (JADE) Japan
Japan Alliance for Humanitarian Demining Support (JAHDS) Japan
Japan Association for Refugees (JAR) Japan
Japan Car Sharing Association Japan
Japan Emergency NGO Japan
Japan Heart Japan
Japan International Medical Technology Foundation Japan
Japan International Volunteer Centre (jvc) Japan http://www.refugee.orjp
Japan Platform Japan
Jeewan Jyoti Medical Society India
Jen Headquarters Japan
Jesuit Refugee Service Italy
Johanniter Finland Finland
Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. Germany
Joint Assistance Centre India
Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) Jordan
Jordan Training and Development Jordan
Juan Ciudad Fundacion Spain
Jugend eine Welt Austria
Jugend Eine Welt Don Bosco Aktion Österreich Austria
Jusoor USA
Just World Partnerships United Kingdom
KCOC (Korea NGO Council for Overseas Development Cooperation Korea (Seoul)
Kerk in Actie Netherlands
Khawaja Gharib Nawaz Welfare Trust International Pakistan
Kinderhilfswerk Stiftung Global-Care Germany
Kindernothilfe e.V. Germany
Kindernothilfe Österreich /KNH) Austria
Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi(KnK) Japan
Komplexna centralna zachranna sluzba Slovak Republic
Korean Buddhist Foundation For Social Welfare South Korea
KUN Humanity System Indonesia
La Chaîne de l’Espoir South Korea
L.A.E.A (Loacaliser l’Aide en Afrique) France
Läkarmissionen Sweden
LandsAid e.V Germany
Latet-Israeli Humanitarian Aid Israel
Laughter Africa United Kingdom
LDSDV-ONG (Les dents, Souffle de Vie ONG) Switzerland
Leben für Alle e.V Germany
Leben für Alle International gGmbH Germany
Legal Action Worlwide Switzerland
Legal Action Worlwide – Lebanon Lebanon
Leonard Cheshire International United Kingdom
Life flow for peace & development organization Yemen
Life for Relief & Development United States of America
Lifeline Technologies Trading Ltd United Kingdom
Light for the World Austria
Lighthouse Aid and Solidarity Association Turkey
Lipper für Lipper @Asphaltexistenzler e.V Germany
Livelihood Relief & Development Organization
LOST2 Foundation United Kingdom
Love In Lights Korea
Loving Concern International South Korea
Lutheran World Relief United States of America
MAGNA Children at risk Slovakia
Malaria Consortium United Kingdom /
Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. Germany
MAP International United States of America
MAPACTION United Kingdom
Maram Foundation for Relief and Development (MFRD), Turkey
Marie Stopes International United Kingdom
MBC Heritage of Islam Trust United Kingdom
MedAir Switzerland
Medair e.V. Deutschland Germany
Médecins du Monde France
Médecins du Monde Belgium
Médecins du Monde – Greek Delegation Greece
Médecins du Monde Japon Japon
Medi Peace South Korea
Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) United Kingdom
Medical Teams International USA
Medici con l’’Africa Cuamm Italia
Medico International e.V. Germany
Memisa Belgium Belgium
Memisa Medicus Mundi Netherlands
Mennonite Central Committee Canada
Meraki Voluntario Perú Peru
Mercy Corps United States of America
Mercy International – USA, Inc. United States of America
Mercy Malaysia Malaysia
Mercy Mankind International United Kingdom
Mercy Relief Singapore
Mercy Ships International USA
Mercy-USA for Aid and Development USA
Mercy Without Limits USA
Mercy Without Limits Jordan Jordan
Mercy Without Limits – Turkey Turkey
Merlin (Medical Emergency Relief International) United Kingdom
METAdrasi – Action for Migration and Development Greece
Metta Development Foundation Myanmar
Mines Advisory Group (MAG) United Kingdom
MIRAL Welfare Foundation South Korea
Missionary Disaster Response× USA
Mission Aviation Fellowship International Operation Centre. Henwood. Ashford Kent
Mission Øst (Mission East) Denmark
Mother Helpage UK United Kingdom
Movimondo Italy
MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) Belgium
Municipal Institute for International Co-operation (MIIC) Japan
Muslim Aid United Kingdom
Muslim Aid Australia Australia
Muslim Charity Helping the Needy United Kingdom
Muslim Global Relief United Kingdom
Muslim Hands United Kingdom
Muslim Hope United States of America
Nadacia Habitat for Humanity International Slovakia
NAK-karitativ e.V Germany
NATAN-International Humanitarian Aid Israel
National Relief Charities 500 E. Peyton St Sherman
Near East Foundation United States of America
Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH Germany
NETZ Partnerschaft Germany
Neue Weiten – Ganzheitliche Hilfe für den Kaukasus Germany
New World Hope Organization Norway
NonViolent PeaceForce Belgium
Nordisk Hjälp (Nordic Aid) Sweden
Norvegian People’s Aid Norway
Norwegian Church Aid Norway
Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers Norway
Norwegian Refugee Council Norway
Ockenden International United Kingdom
OFADEC (Office Africain pour le Développement et la Coopération) Senegal
Ohaha Family Foundation Nigeria
OIKOS cooperação e desenvolvimento Portugal
One Earth Greece
Operation Mercy Sweden
Operation Sabre United Kingdom
Operation USA United States of America
Ora International Germany
ORFACT (Orphans Relief Fund and Charitable Trust) United Kingtom
Organization for Relief and Development of Afghanistan (ORDA) Canada
Organization for Research and Community Development (ORCD) Afghanistan
Organization for Research & Community Development Global United States of America
Orienthelfer e.V. Germany
Orphan Care United Kingdpm
Orphans Care Federation United Kingdom
Orphans Relief United Kingdom
Oxfam America United States of America
Oxfam Australia Australia
Oxfam Belgique Belgium
Oxfam Canada Canada
Oxfam Democratic Republic of Congo United Kingdom
Oxfam GB United Kingdom
Oxfam Germany Germany
Oxfam Hong Kong Hong Kong
Oxfam International United Kingdom
Oxfam Ireland Ireland
Oxfam New Zealand New Zealand
Oxfam NOVIB (Netherlands Organisation for International Development Cooperation) Netherlands
Oxfam-Québec Canada
Padang Lutheran Christian Relief Canada
PADEK, Partnership for Development in Kampuchea Cambodia
PAH Polish Humanitarian Action Poland
Palestinian Hydrology Group Palestine
PANI . People Action for National Integration India
Paramédicos de catástrofe Internacional Portugal
Participatory Village Development Programme Pakistan
Partners Relief and Development Australia Inc Australia
Partners Relief & Development USA
Pax Christi Australia (NSW Section) Australia
Pax Christi Germany Germany
PCPM – Polish Center for International Aid Poland
Peace Winds Japan Japan
Penny Appeal United Kingdom
Penny Appeal Australia Australia
People in Need Foundation Czech Republic
People in Need Foundation Slovak Republic
PHA Polish Humanitarian Action Poland
Pharmaciens Sans Frontières France
Phase Worldwide United Kingdom
Plan Belgium (Plan Belgique) Belgium
Plan International Deutschland E.V Germany Bramfelder Strass 70
Plan International Headquarters United Kingdom
Plan International Finland Finland
Plan international Korea South Korea
Plan International Norway Norway
Plan International Spain Spain
Plan Ireland 126, Lower Baggot Street
Plan Nederland The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Plan UK United Kingdom
PMU Interlife Sweden
Poor’s Education Development and Social Service Organization Sri Lanka
Poor Feeding Organization PFO Yemen
Power of the International Limb Project United Kingdom
Practical Action United Kingdom
Praktisk Solidaritet Sweden
PRDU (Post-War Reconstruction and Development Unit) United Kingdom
Première Urgence Internationale France
Proaction Alliance United Kingdom
ProAct Network Switzerlands
PSO – Association for Capacity Development The Netherlands
Psychologists for the peoples in the world Italy
Qandil Sweden
Qatar Charity Qatar
Qatar Red Crescent Society Qatar
Quick Home Systems Netherlands
Right To Play Canada
R.T.M. (Reggio Terzo Mondo) Italy
Radiance Foundation India
Radioaficionados sin Fronteras Spain
Rainwater Association of Somalia (RAAS) Somalia
RAPID-UK United Kingdom
READ Foundation United Kingdom
RE:ACT Disaster Response United Kingdom
Red Barnet (Save the Children Denmark) Denmark
Reconstruction Assistance Business Expertnet Japan
RedR United Kingdom
RedR Australia Ltd Australia
RedR India India
RedR International Belgium
Red Source FZ LLE UAE
Regional Centre for International Development Corporation (RCIDC) Uganda
Refugee Support Europe United Kingdom
ReHope South Korea
Relief and Development Peer Foundation (RDP) Yemen
Relief International United States of America
Relief International United Kingdom
Renad foundation for development and training Jordan
Research-Aid Networks United States of America
RescueNet The Netherlands
Resource Link Foundation Ghana
Response International United Kingdom
Results Japan Japan
RET Japan Japan
Ricerca e Cooperazione Italy
Rofqa for Humanitarian Development ( RHD) Yemen
Rural Empowerment & Institutional Development Pakistan
Rural Infrastructure and Human Resource Development Organization (RIHRDO) Pakistan
Sada Foundation for Building & Development Yemen
Salma Bint Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation Sierra Leone
Salud Publica Mexico
Sangha Societas Sweden
Sanid Organization for Relief and Development (SORD) Yemen
Save the Children Federation, Inc. United States of America
SAR Peru Peru
Save the Children Finland – Pelastakaa Lapset Ry Finland
Save the Children Fund United Kingdom
Save the Children Fund – Swaziland Swaziland
Save the Children Netherlands The Nerthlands
Save the Children Sweden ( Rädda Barnen) Sweden
SAWT Yemen
Second Harvest Japan Japan
Secours Populaire Français France
Selam Children’s Village Ethiopia
Send a Cow UK
Serving Friends International South Korea
SEV Cameroo Cameroon
Shapla Neer Japan
Shariatpur Develpment Society (SDS) Bangladesh
Shelter Box Trust United Kingdom
Shelter Now Afghanistan/Pakistan Pakistan
SHEILD Lebanon
Signpost International United Kingdom
Silk Road Organization Syria
SKT Welfare United Kingdom
Smile Again Africa Development Organization (SAADO) South Sudan
Smile Train Italia Italy
Social AID Pakistan
Social-Life and Agricultural Development Organisation (SADO) United Kingdom or
Society of St-Vincent de Paul Dominica
Solidaridad Internacional Spain
Solidaridad Internacional Andalucia Spain
Solidaritätsdienst International e.V Germany
Solidarity “the ngo of the church of Greece” Greece
Solidarity International United Kingdom
Somali Canadian Education and Rural Development Organization (SCERDO) Canada
Somali Lifeline Organization Somalia
SOS Children’s Villages Korea South Korea
SOS Bihac Bosnia and Herzegovina
SOS Enfants en Détresse France
SOS-Kinderdorf Austria
SOS Kinderdorf International Austria
SOS Kinderdorpen Netherlands
SOS Villaggi del Bambini Onlus Italy
SPANA – the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad United Kingdom
Star of Hope International, Haiti Haiti
Star of Hope International, Sweden Sweden
Star of Hope Philippines, Inc. Philippines
Stichting Agriterra Netherlands
Stichting organization of the future of all for relief, development and construction Netherlands
Stichting Radio la Benevolencija, Humanitarian Tools Foundation Netherlands
Stichting Vluchteling Netherlands
Stichting Unity in Diversity Netherlands
Stiftelsen Glädjens Budskap Sweden
Stiftung Humanitäre Kooperation International (SHKI) Germany
Stiftung Sankt Barbara / St Barbara Foundation Germany
Street Child United Kingdom
Stromme Foundation Norway
Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society (SEEDS) India
SVA (Shanti Volunteer Association) Japan
Svenska Missionsförbundet (The Mission Covenant Church of Sweden) Sweden
Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation Sweden
Swedish Mission Council (SMC) Sweden
Swiss Labour Assistance – SLA Switzerland
SWISSAID Switzerland
SwissRelief Switzerland
Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) USA
Syria Care Malaysia
Syria Relief and Development USA
Syria Relief United Kingdom
Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation Sri Lanka
Tauheedul Relief Trust United Kingdom
Team Rubicon Global USA
Team & Team International Korea,
TEAR Fund Belgium Belgium
Tearfund Canada Canada
TEAR Fund Germany Germany
TEAR Fund India India
TEAR Fund Ireland Ireland
TEAR Fund Netherlands Netherlands
TEAR Fund New Zealand New Zealand
TEARFUND UK United Kingdom
Telecoms Sans Frontières France
Terra Tech – Förderprojekte Dritte Welt e.V. Germany
Terre des Hommes Deutschland e.V. Germany
Terre des Hommes DK Denmark
Terre des Hommes Fondazione – Italia Italy
Terre des hommes Foundation – Switzerland Switzerland
Terre des Hommes International Federation Switzerland
Terre des Hommes NL Netherlands
Terre Solidali E.A. Kenya
Thailand Bugma Border Consortium Thailand
The Anglo Lanka Foundation United Kingdom
The Blue Sky Group Foundation United Kingdom
The 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force Canada
The Charity Network United Kingdom
The Children Charity Organization South Sudan
The Geneva Learning Foundation Switzerland
The Institute of Cultural Affairs Japan Japan
The Islamic Relief Association for the Orphan and the Poor- Igatha 48 Palestine
The Haven Community Foundation Ireland
The Humanitarian Forum United Kingdom
The Jafra Foundation for Relief and Youth Development Lebanon
The Japan Asian Association and Asian Friendship Society Japan
The Japan Center for Conflict Prevention (JCCP) Japan
The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation Sweden
The Mentor Initiative United Kingdom www.
The organization for Poverty Alleviation & Development (OPAD) Sweden
The Promise South Korea
The Salvation Army United Kingdom
The Southern Africa Alpha Project United Kingdom
The Swedish Committee for Refugees from Former Yugoslavia Sweden
The Swedish Organization for Individual Relief Sweden
The World Federation of KSIMC (Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities) United Kingdom
The Zakat Foundation of America United States of America
Thepromise South Korea
Tierärzte ohne Grenzen e. V. (vsf Germany) Germany
TPO (Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation) Netherlands
Trace Foundation USA
Triangle Generation Humanitaire France
TRI-PEOPLES’ organization against disaster Philippines
Trocaire Ireland
UCODEP – Unity and Cooperation for Development of Peoples Italy
UK Islamic Mission United Kingdom
UK Med United Kingdom
Ummah Giving United Kingdom
Ummah Welfare Trust United Kingdom
United Kingdom Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific United Kingdom
United Methodist Commitee on Relief (UMCOR) USA
United Methodist Communications (UMC) USA
The United Mission to Nepal (UMN) Nepal
United Muslim Relief (UMR) Alexandria, VA
UNRWA Spanish Committee Spain
Véterinaires Sans Frontières-Belgium Belgium
Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse (VSF-Suisse) Switzerland
Vision Hope International e.V. Germany
VISPE (Volontari Italiani Solidarieta Paesi Emergenti) Italy
VOICE Belgium
Volkshilfe Austria
Volkshilfe Solidarität Vienna , Austria
Voluntarios de las Naciones Unidas – Argentina Argentina
Voluntary Blood Donors Forum of India India
Wakachiai Project Japan
Waldorf Kakum Project Kenya
WAR Child United Kingdom
WAR Child Canada Canada
WAR Child Netherlands The Netherlands
War on Want United Kingdom or
War Trauma Foundation Netherlands
Welfare Association United Kingdom
WeWorld – Fondazione WeWorld – GVC Italy
Women and Child Care Organization WOCCA Kenya|
Women and Health Alliance International (WAHA) France
Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children United States of America
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts United Kingdom
World Child United Kingdom
World Concern USA
World Council of Churches Switzerland
World Initiative for Orphans Foundation Netherlands
World Jewish Relief United Kingdom
World Medical Fund United Kingdom
World Relief United States of America
World Relief Canada Canada
World Relief Deutschland e.V. Germany
World Renew Canada
World Siciety for the protection of Animals United Kingdom
World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Canada
World Vision Österreich – Verein für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, humanitäre Nothilfe und Anwaltschaft Austria
World Vision Chad Chad
World Vision Ethiopia Ethiopia
World Vision International Switzerland
World Vision International- Cambodia Cambodia
World Vision Albania Albania
World Vision Burundi Burundi
World Vision Japan Japan
World Vision International Jordan Jordan
World Viision Korea Korea
World Vision Nederland Netherlands
World Vision International Nepal Nepal
World Vision Mali Mali
World Vision Niger Niger
World Vision Philippines Philippines
World Vision Senegal Senegal
World Vision Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
World Vision Uganda Uganda
World Vision Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
World Wide Education Project United Kingdom
Y Care International United Kingdom
Yayasan Our Islamic Center Indonesia
Yemen Development Network for NGOs Yemen
Yetimleri Koruma Federasyonu – Orphans Care Federation Turkey
Young Lifes (Unga Liv) Sweden
Youth Action for Pakistan Pakistan
Youth Resource Centre (YRC) Pakistan
ZOA Refugee Care Netherlands