The escalating numbers of forced migrants present huge challenges for humanitarian actors. Facing this reality requires enhanced preparedness, improved instruments for protection, new tools for assessing vulnerability and building resilience, more e ective community engagement and capacity building with a longer-term lens, and innovative approaches for delivering assistance.

Over 70 million people are forced migrants – more than one in every 100 of the world’s citizens – displaced by conflict, political upheaval, violence and disasters but also by climate change and development projects. This figure rises relentlessly each year and most migrants are either in protracted displacement situations or permanently dispossessed. People forcibly displaced within their own countries far exceed the number of global refugees – and others who have crossed international borders. e cost to the international community is at least US$ 8 billion a year.

Download: World Disasters Report 2012: Focus on forced migration

Publication date: 05/11/2012

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World Disasters Report 2012: Focus on forced migration

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